Common Core: What it Means to You and Your Student

As a parent one of the biggest concerns that you will have for your child is their education.  No doubt you have, or soon will, spend countless hours debating between different schools and contemplating which one will offer the best programs and teachers for your children.  To further complicate the process a new phrase is being thrown around—Common Core—that leads to the questions, what is it and what will mean for your child’s education?

The Common Core State Standards Initiative, or Common Core, is a state led initiative to develop a nationwide common education standard in the areas … Read the rest


What Education Do Bankers Need?

city bankingAll careers in banking will require some basic skills: math, computer literacy (esp. databases and spreadsheets), communication and customer service skills, and a basic knowledge of business are the foundation of a banker’s education and can usually be obtained in a good high school program.  While that will be a solid starting ground for someone wanting to be a bank teller or personal banker, other types of bankers will require additional education.

College Degree

A bachelor’s degree will be useful for anyone seeking a career as a commercial or investment banker. Some banks now require college degrees for personal bankers, … Read the rest

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Get Taken to (Racing) School

There are two types of people that want to race—those that want to be professionals like Michael Schumaker, and those that simply dream of doing it as a hobby.  Luckily, there has never been a better time for either type of aspiring race driver; there are countless racing schools all across the US that cater to both types of driver, offering courses, small events, and personal instruction to get you the fastest lap.

Racing schools have popped up all across the county, from dedicated classroom/racetracks to simple go-kart courses that offer one-time classes, there are locations that fit anybodies needs.  … Read the rest


The Allure of Auto Repair Classes

Auto repair is a dreaded experience for many, but for some mechanically inclined individuals, it is an enjoyable hands-on experience. What is the appeal in repairing a car?

  • Some people pursue auto repair as a hobby. They cite the satisfaction of working with their hands and problem solving as the reasons they love to work with cars.
  • Others learn auto repair as a means of self-sufficiency or saving money. People who live in remote locations and people who cannot stand the bills from the mechanic pick up car repair as a necessity.
  • People who truly enjoy the work pursue it
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Are Finance Careers Still a Good Path?

After the extended recession and fallout from the mega bailout a few years ago, many wonder whether a career in finance is still a viable career option.

The short answer is yes, finance is still a secure career with plenty of options to move around and develop. Money is a hot commodity and people who can manage it and make it grow are always in demand.

The long answer is that the future of financial services is promising. Whether the interest is in working as a generously compensated employee at a major company, or more in helping small businesses and … Read the rest


Conducting Interviews

An interview is a great way to get to know more about a specific person or subject. While it used to be the arena of newscasters and journalists, in the twenty-first century, more and more people are finding that they can use interviews to enhance their web presence, both personally and professionally. For example, bloggers publish interviews with prominent individuals, local celebrities, and other bloggers. Companies may post interviews with their executives and managers to provide background to potential customers and investors. And students may find themselves conducting interviews as part of research projects and assignments.

The most important part … Read the rest


The Evolution of Technology

Technology is constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of the user. Today, the internet seems to be the quickest form of technology that is developing, along with communicative devices such as cell phones, tablets and computers. Every day millions of people use the internet and it has become an essential tool for any job in today’s society. The internet allows for many things and it is constantly changing to fit the needs of those who access it.

One major development in the internet is its use to communicate with others. With the invention and development of social media, people … Read the rest


Job Hunting in a Tough Economy

Searching for jobs in a slow economy can be frustrating and unrewarding. Many companies are down-sizing and consolidating departments as opposed to hiring new employees. Also, in difficult times, the companies that are hiring are not always the ones that you are looking to work for. Finding a company that is reputable and that truly cares about its employees has become an incredibly difficult task, recently.

Not only do companies have to lay people off but they are also cutting back on quality and services as a way to try and cut costs to make ends meet. When a business … Read the rest


Maps: Common and Custom

The art of mapmaking is a time-honored craft that combines scientific knowledge with artistic sensibilities. A good map is going to be both chock full of information and pleasing to the eye of the beholder. Many ancient maps are truly beautiful, the hand-drawn lines, symbols, and features can compete with the works of fine artists.

Contemporary maps are almost universally created by machine. They exist as digital data that is manipulated by computer to create a map that is then printed or otherwise displayed. The standard map of us doesn’t change that often, so map makers are forced to rely … Read the rest

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Alcohol Testing in South Carolina

Drunk driving in South Carolina can carry some severe penalties. Even first time offenders may find themselves with a suspended license simply for refusing to take a blood alcohol test. There are strict regulations regarding the administering of an alcohol blood test. Any deviation from the approved procedure can result in the test results being thrown out of court. This is why it is important for anyone arrested for drunk driving to talk to a York County DUI attorney rather than assuming that they will be found guilty.

Law enforcement officials who pull someone over for suspected DUI in South … Read the rest